In my printmaking I try to capture both the intricacy and simplicity of organic forms. I search for the unusual and peculiar amongst the ordinary and familiar. Hedgerows provide me with an endless source of inspiration - the plants I find there have a special appeal as ever changing, living sculptures.

Through drawing I ‘get to know’ a plant – I see and learn how individual parts connect and grow.  I discover the line, shape, and pattern that describe their form. Ideas for designs evolve in response to the organic qualities a plant offers – each gives something different of beauty or interest.

 I enjoy the challenge of translating pen line to print without the use and distraction of colour or subtle shades. I hand cut a design in relief using lino as the printing surface. The combination of material and tools gives me the ability to create designs having the precision of sharp- edged lines, and the inclusion of shadow and detail.

The printmaking ‘journey’ gives me an experience of freedom to explore and experiment and helps open my eyes to much that is often overlooked or ignored.

Since childhood Helen has had a fond appreciation of nature and the surrounding countryside. She trained originally as a geography teacher, taught deaf children for several years and then later studied Art and Design.

 In 2006 Helen received funding from Arts Council England to help with her professional development.

As a printmaker she now works from her studio in Selby, North Yorkshire.  In addition to creating linocut prints,  Helen also provides workshops for individuals, groups and schools.

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